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April 13, 2016:

Audi to Receive Corporate Statesmanship Award from Former Members of Congress


The Audi Academy is proud to announce that on Thursday, April 14th, Audi President, Scott Keogh, will accept the Corporate Statesmanship Award for Audi of America's Veterans to Technicians program in support of our military veterans and their families.

Audi of America developed the Veterans to Technicians Program to address one of the most important challenges facing returning military service members - finding high quality employment that translates a veteran's skills into a satisfying and fulfilling career.


The Veterans to Technicians Program is training former military personnel to become service technicians, service consultants, shop foreman, and parts specialist in dealerships across the country. Audi recognizes that veterans are ideal employees for Audi dealerships because they bring the skills, experience, maturity, integrity, and work ethic to Audi's growing market.


With 255 Audi dealerships offering the Audi Veterans to Technicians program, 275 service members from all branches of the military have been trained and employed since the program launched in 2013.


Because of the company-wide commitment to the US military and its veterans, the Former Members of Congress group is proud to announce Audi of America as our 2016 Corporate Statesmanship Award Honoree.

Congratulations to AoA and to all who have contributed and participated in the Veterans to Technicians program. We thank you for your commitment and dedication to our military.